Three Girls Process Part Two- pdf

Part One can be found at the kidlitartists.blogspot where I post as one of the “mentees”, Portfolio Mentorship Winners from the SCBWI LA Summer Conference.

Download the Three Girls process part 2 pdf below for more views of my “now let’s make her hair blue just because we can” extended or perhaps overextended digital process. And yes, that is a royal we. ;)

Three Girls process part 2


sketches2223b4 combined 67


And here are a few variations on the other two girls. Keeping in mind there are over 400 different combinations of colors, textures, and patterns, just think what will happen when I start giving them backgrounds and a variety of poses. P.S. Never show all of them to a client, their brain will shut down. Only show the final favorite 3. Trust me on that one. ;)


And there were over 100 different faces sketched for the Part One pencil process.

The good news is I feel I am getting closer to each of the characters. As I spend time with them they are whispering about their favorite colors and sharing little secrets they would only tell someone they know loves them.

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For this last one I just started her process so we have much work to do before she is willing to tell me who she is. A survivor of the holocaust who is welcome in my home and heart. Or should I say any holocaust or genocide. Any place or time where children have been seen as less than, or god forbid, vermin. Perhaps that little song I sang as a six year old in vacation bible school created the foundation for who I am:

Red and Yellow,

Black and White,

They are Precious in His Site,

Jesus Loves the Little Children

of the World”

sketches2225i 2

Or it could be the love demonstrated by my mother who treated all people with kindness and love, offering them the better seat or the better food, and in turn was loved by all people. She is still my role model and inspires me daily to reach out, to volunteer, to love.

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  1. I’ve said it before…I absolutely love your work. I have no words to adequately express how amazing it is…a bit embarrassing since I fancy myself a writer. And now, reading your process! Holy cow!

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