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Eyeballs! That is my assignment. To fill pages with eyeballs, trade eyeballs to be specific. One of the mentors, Cecelia Yung, AD, Penguin, said I have a trade portfolio but some of the characters have mass market eyes. Oops! One too many episode of Saturday morning cartoons. So I pulled some books from my shelves to do copywork from, in this case it was Bennett Cerf’s Book of Laughs, illustrated by Carl Rose.

The main character is a little boy named Marvin, but because I was interested in just the facial expression, I ended up just throwing some spiky hair on top. Before long I found myself making it longer and adding a bow. When I added the bodies in, I ended up with a little tom boy which is much more fun that what I would have drawn had I started out to draw a young girl. I probably would have been tempted to head towards those Disneyesque Cinderella type eyes, which is the wrong direction!




One of the things I am also incorporating from the mentor’s comments is to do one style that does not have backgrounds. Because I have a tendency to really work into a piece with a lot of graphite and cross-hatching, it has been fun to literally scribble as fast as I can, then move onto the next image. Of course this is all copy work, so my own interpretation will come at a later point, but for now it is about reinforcing trade eyes instead of mass market eyes into my character work.




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  3. Thanks for posting, and for the images from the book (that is one fantastic giraffe!). I’m still not quite sure what makes an eyeball mass media, but I will certainly be paying close attention! Artists need to use the Hawaiian hand gesture for greeting each other, hang loose, but with a slightly different understanding!


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