SCBWI Summer Conference in LA

Some General Highlights from the Conference. . .


Besides winning a Mentor Award, I met some new friends, and reconnected with some buddies from Seattle! I was afraid to sleep, there was just so much to do and see and so many people to find and gush to. . .your art speaks to me, or your blog posts have been so helpful, or weeee!!! so happy to see you again!


There is probably more than one photo of me slipping into a session late due to squeezing that last bit out of the last session. Here I am standing as the last person in line at the diversity lunch gathering by the pool. I did not even get seated before having to dash to another room for my personal paid critique with Laurent Linn.

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And here I am slipping back into my seat after a break during the Illustrator Intensive on Monday afternoon.


Terribly fuzzy shot of me with the wonderful Dana Armin, Co-regional advisor of the WWA-SCBWI. I was definitely giggling too much to be holding my phone still. But the smiles say it all. I do miss that lady!


And I got to sit with Tina Hoggatt and Dana during several of the large keynote session in the big fancy room with all the big fancy chandeliers. I have a collection of chandelier photos from every hotel I’ve stayed in and to date the big ones at the Queen Kapiolani were the winners. But the giant cluster in the middle of the “ballroom” was pretty impressive for a person who likes little sparkly lights.



When I managed to get settled in the first morning I was treated to Judy Schachner. And I do mean treated.


As soon as Judy finished her keynote I jumped up and was practically in tears at what she had said, and how it had connected with me so deeply. She was very kind and said, “We’ll talk!”. Then I stepped aside for the next person, and managed to pull my camera up and start shooting. I am guessing this is how I looked when I was talking with Judy, so my apologies to the wonderful hand talker here.


And while I did not manage to get a photo with Judy Schachner, I followed her around two evenings like a lost chihuahua (er, siamese cat)! And she was very kind not to shoo me away! Judy told someone she looked out into the crowd and saw this shiny round bobble head looking at her and it eased her nerves. Yep, that was me. I’ve been on the other side of the podium and I always give the speakers as much of an engaged face as I can muster! But I related very deeply with so many things Judy talked about, I truly got my money’s worth from her keynote and illustrator intensive demo. Don’t get me wrong, everyone was fabulous and well presented, but that ended up being the cherry on top of an already well baked and iced cake.

I even shamelessly asked if I could buy one of the pieces she made for a demo, and while she said she needed them back in the studio, she did grab this little sketch she had done right before walking up to give her presentation. A true treasure that will be gracing the wall of my studio. We had a few giggles, winks, and nods akin to being sisters from different mothers, so I’ve met another hero and hopefully friend through SCBWI and social media. I love our small world!